House Rules

Golden8Sports Terms and Conditions

1. INTEGRITY: Our reputation is priority number one. All bets will be graded at the end of each event. If any discrepancies, only manual adjustments will be made to maintain clarity on customer history.
2. Golden8 is not responsible for any misinterpretation by any client of any rule or regulation.
3. All bets placed are final; there are no cancellations.
4. All events must be played on the date scheduled, if not, all bets will be No Action.
5. The winners will be determined at the end of every game, based on the regulations of Golden8sports. Bets placed on suspended games will be no action.
6. Golden 8 Sports reserves the right to cancel/void/grade wagers as no action due to:
a) Wrong lines.
b) Match suspension due to weather conditions or other circumstances that affect the game.
c) If the voided/canceled game forms part of a parley, teaser, round robin, IF Bet the game will be graded as "No Action" so as to not affect the wager combination.
7. Bets placed over the phone will be recorded, for claim purposes
8. Every call has a Final Read back; this will be used to solve any claim or dispute. Claims or disputes for bets placed over the phone must be done within the 7 days after the confirmation.
9. Internet: bets placed over the Internet will be responsibility of each player, bets are always final, and all players must confirm the bet with their password.
10. Golden8sports reserves the right to set out any changes to the rules that we currently have at your disposal.
11. Golden8sports keeps track of every wager for security and also to minimize errors.
12. All members of the Golden8Sports family must be at least 21 years old.
13. Golden8Sports does not report the winnings of any player, and if applicable, it is responsibility of every individual to report their winnings to their respective government.
14. Golden8Sports reserves the right to cancel any wager placed on an incorrect line. This will also include the bad creation on any Team Detail.
15. Players who are found abusing promotions or rules are subject to having their accounts closed.
16. If a customer received a previous warning in regards of betting incorrect lines or if the client is in collusion with other players to take greater advantage of the mistake, all wagers will be cancelled and the customer`s account and/or accounts will be closed.
17. Golden8Sports will not honor any past-posted events.
18. Golden8Sports reserves the right to consider correlated bets no action, even if it was a system error, or a clerk`s mistake.
19. Golden8sports reserves the right to change, add or delete the rules quoted above.
20. In the event of there being a discrepancy between the English language version of these rules and any other language version, the English language version will be deemed to be correct.
21. Maximum Parlay Payout is $50,000, unless any Agent requests otherwise